Useful Information About Entrepreneurship Programs
  • chat_bubble_outlineWhat is ICUBE?
    It is the International Acceleration Program that provides training, consultancy, mentoring and strategy development supports to technology based companies to prepare their products for sale, increase the current capacity of those selling, to provide access to international markets and to establish appropriate collaborations with potential investors..
  • chat_bubble_outlineWhat are the Acceleration Program evaluation criteria?
    Application acceptance evaluations are made according to the establishment stages of the enterprises, innovative aspects, application of the product, business model, scaling capacity and program compatibility criteria .
  • chat_bubble_outlineHow does the ICUBE Acceleration Program evaluation process proceed?
    Entrepreneurs who will participate in the ICUBE Acceleration Program undergo a 2-stage assessment. Initially, Online applications for the program are collected through the web portal. Each application is reviewed by the evaluation committee. Afterwards, Initiatives that provide 100% compliance with pre-determined evaluation criteria are invited to face-to-face and mentor meetings. As a result of meetings with mentors, the needs of each entrepreneur are determined and the training and mentoring process is started.
  • chat_bubble_outlineWho does the evaluation committee consist of?
    The evaluation committee consists of ICUBE team, ICUBE mentors and people from the investor ecosystem.
  • chat_bubble_outlineWhat kind of support is given to entrepreneurs who are accepted to the program?
    Entrepreneurs starting the program receive one-on-one mentoring and consultancy support, as well as basic entrepreneurship and business model training. In addition, entrepreneurs can use the law, marketing strategies and other consulting services provided by their ICUBE partners free of charge. Besides, digital promotions of businesses are supported by the institution.
  • chat_bubble_outlineWhat are the basic trainings of the program?
    - Developing a Business Model
    - Finance
    - Marketing Strategy and Brand Management
    - Legal Awareness
    - Digital Marketing
    - English Presentation Techniques
  • chat_bubble_outlineHow much of the ICUBE Program do I need to attend?
    All entrepreneurs eligible to participate in the iCube program must participate in all training and consultancy processes included in the period schedule. After completing the trainings we organize Demo Day event in Turkey. In this context, top 10 technological companies that are performing successfully on Demo Day are expected to participate in the program in London.
  • chat_bubble_outlineHow many companies can be accepted to the Program in period?
    It is aimed to select 20 technological companies for the training schedule in Turkey. But, this number may increase according to the quality of the applicant companies. In addition, maximum of 10 companies are selected for the calendar of events in London.
  • chat_bubble_outlineHow much progress did the companies participating in the program have made before?
    You can reach the success stories of the companies participating in the Program by following our << icube_ist >> twitter and instagram social media accounts.
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