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Time is an entrepreneur’s scarcest resource, and navigating uncertainty and deciding where to allocate time is one of a founder’s biggest challenges. In order to meet these challenges, we have developed a 3-month ICUBE International Accelerator Programme that has been proven to help high-tech entrepreneurs get to contribute to globalization, financing, traction and increasing the customer portfolio

At the end of the program, our Alumni;

  • Well-Formed Corporation
  • Increased Number of Leads and Customers
  • Progress on Team Growth
  • Investment-Based Sales Meetings
  • Important Product/Service Progress
  • Local and International Network of Experienced Entrepreneurs and Investors

and scale up their initiatives to the world by making progress in many other areas.

Enterprises who have a scalable potential offer high income and employment to their economies. ICUBE International Accelerator Programme aims to grow start-ups that they have a desire to move their businesses to the UK's technology ecosystem by rapidly and sustainably by developing an innovative value proposition with the collaborations to be established in London as the primary market target.

It aims to accelerate entrepreneurs’ access to globalization and scaling their growth targets by specially prepared education and mentoring programmes.
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